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Ozbee Delivers Contracting Solutions To Bid Work And Produce It In One CRM.

Marketing & Call Center

• Integration with Softphone Telephony Systems routes inbound and outbound calls anywhere within Ozbee cloud-based software

• Ring To Automation offers ability to track marketing and assign to leads, contacts, and opportunities based on set criteria

• Pay-per-performance templates provide tracking to pay per lead or sale

• Standard and customizable marketing reports and dashboards to identify successful marketing campaigns

Appointment Booking

• Kiosky portal appointment booking within Field Service Management or connected to a website to allow self service booking

• Gantt chart tasks for bid calendars sent directly to team via email

Documents & Comments Management

• Documents filing system with sorting and filtering features

• Comments are utilized as a critical communication tool for all customer contacts with reporting, sorting, and filtering features

Commissions & Bonuses

• Ability to track and send real-time customizable commissions

• Commissions and bonuses are exported in a CSV format

Transparency Reports

• Observation report of current building conditions

• Track daily progress of production job to include photos and five day weather forecasts

• Send reports directly from mobile devices to designated job related contacts

Safety & Certifications Documentation

• Track certifications of all employees easily with QR code scanning

• Easily track toolbox topics

• Information available within the same managed program

Job Scheduling

• Track production job from signature to close out

• Utilize enterprise resource planning software to manage day-to-day business activities such as procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations

• Generate Gantt charts for project scheduling and task flow management

• Generate pre-construction meeting agenda flow

• Generate quality control calls schedule

• Track punch list items

Job Address Tracking by Building

• Ability to track based on address - opportunity, lead, production job, work order, or case

• Quickly access historical data

• USPS verification of address through SmartyStreets

But it gets better

Add-On Applications


● End-to-end contractor sales software digitizes every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, contracting, and real-time communication

● Integration with LEAP to allow sales team to create quotes during each appointment

● All documents from LEAP (bid process) are pushed to Salesforce when a result is generated


● Photo app to document jobs, allowing for effective communication with crews and customers

● Standard and custom integrations with CompanyCam available

● CompanyCam photos can be attached to buildings, opportunities, production jobs, observation reports, work orders, cases, and daily reports

Subcontractor Invoicing

● Subcontractors can view and complete work assigned

● Subcontractors can submit invoices for approval from mobile devices

● Management notifications if quantities exceed budget

● Draws exported in a CSV format